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CBN and PCD tooling is the right choice for a wide variety of materials when dimensional stability and top performance are essential.

Typical Materials to be machined:

Hardened Powdered
Metal (50-65 Rc)
Gray Cast Iron
Nodular Cast Iron
Hardened Steel (50-65 Rc)

CBN and PCD tooling can cut costs in a wide variety of applications, especially hard turning.

Interrupted Cutting
Low Surface Finish Requirements

By joining your team when a program begins, we can often recommend ways to cut costs while increasing productivity and quality.

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55deg 37deg shouse

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These are your best choices for high production runs. Both the 55º and 37º inserts are ideal when close tolerances or fine surface finishes are essential. Use the versatile, rugged 55º type for hard turning applications, or specify the 37º insert for complex contoured shapes. Both are available with any desired edge prep combination for peak performance. The patented ball locking system accurately locates inserts for rigid endurance.




v-lock shouse

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This patented, positive locking design makes it the most rigid insert in the industry. Its unique clamping design forces the insert in three directions simultaneously, assuring that no movement occurs during the operation. And, the locking design permits quick and simple insert changes so downtime maintenance is minimized.

Use it for tough grooving applications where precision and high quality are required.


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Shouse Tool Company manufactures high quality tool holders that incorporate our unique locking systems. The "Ball-Lock" and "V-Lock" systems used for hard turning, hard grooving and hard threading can be incorporated into a variety of tool colders to compliment our insert offerings.


A wide variety of tool holders are available, whether they're stick holders or boring bars. Shouse Tool can accomodate the customer's specific requirements to asure compatability with their equipment.


In addition, Shouse Tool can supply "Quick Change" type holders with our "Ball Lock" or

"V-Lock" pockets included. Whether using "Capto" or "Km" type systems, Shouse Tool can supply them all.